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Follow the simple instructions below for either activating your new smartphone or setting up the SIM card in your existing device.

SIM Card Activation

If you’re using your own device, and received a SIM card from us:

  • Lay the SIM Card on a hard, flat surface.
  • Press the size on the backside of the card related to the SIM size your phone needs.
  • Place the SIM Card in your device, usually underneath the battery.
  • Power On the phone. It will go through a complete power cycle.
  • Call 866.488.8719 to Activate. You’ll need the ICCID # from the package. (This can be found on the SIM punch-out as well as the SIM itself.)
  • Note - 4G iPhones need the data/internet settings updated. You will need Wi-Fi access to internet to complete this. Here’s how:

    1. On the home screen, tap on Settings.

    2. Tap on Wi-Fi.

    3. Choose a Wi-Fi network.

    4. If the Wi-Fi network requires a password, enter the password and tap Join.

    5. Press the Home button to return to the home screen.

    6. On the home screen, tap on Safari.

    7. In the URL Search bar type in “” and tap Go.

    8. A profile installer will pop-up on the screen. Tap Install.

    9. A warning screen will appear. Tap on Install again.

    10. A final verification screen will appear. Tap Install.

    11. The APN profile should now be installed. Press the Home button on the device and open Safari again. Enter a web page (like and verify that it connects to the web. In the event that the data/internet on your phone still does not work, please contact one of our representatives at 1.866.488.8719 (click to call functionality on mobile).

Smartphone Activation

If you purchased or received your new phone from us:

  • Your phone is shipped with a plan loaded and ready to use.
  • Power On the phone. Call 866.488.8719 to Activate.

You should be all set to use your phone now! If you have any trouble, we are ready to help – just dial 1.866.488.8719. (click to call functionality on mobile) We’ll be available any time you need help with your phone or your service. Thank you – we really appreciate your business.