Prepaid Device Unlocking Policy

At present, Boomerang Wireless, LLC d/b/a enTouch Wireless ("enTouch Wireless") does not lock cell phones on its network, regardless of whether the consumer brings his or her own mobile device (BYOD) or purchases a mobile device from enTouch Wireless. If enTouch Wireless decides at some future point to begin locking cell phones, it will provide reasonable notice to its Lifeline subscribers, and the following policy will apply:

General Eligibility Requirements for Unlock Requests

How to Unlock Your Cell Phone

enTouch Wireless can send you unlock instructions upon request, provided we can reasonably obtain an unlock code from the manufacturer of your mobile device. To request an unlock code and steps to unlock your mobile device, contact customer support at 1.866.488.8719 or Within two days of receiving such a request that meets the eligibility requirements above, we will enable you to unlock your mobile device, initiate a request to the cell phone manufacturer to unlock the mobile device, or provide an explanation why we reasonably need more time to process the unlocking request.

Deployed Military Personnel

Exceptions to this unlocking policy will apply for deployed military personnel in good standing that provide their deployment papers. Contact enTouch Wireless customer support for more details.


This policy is subject to enTouch Wireless' Terms of Service and may change without notice. We may request proof of purchase or additional information in our discretion and certain other exceptions may apply. We may deny any request for a mobile device unlock code at our sole discretion if we have a reasonable basis to believe that the request is an effort to defraud the company or its customers, or that the mobile device is stolen. As a reseller of wireless service, enTouch Wireless’ unlocking policy may be subject to additional limitations imposed by our underlying carrier(s).


Wireless carriers typically use different frequencies and air interface technologies to provide wireless network access. As a result, a mobile device that works on one carrier's network may not be technologically compatible with another carrier's network. "Unlocking" a mobile device refers only to disabling software that would prevent a consumer from attempting to activate a mobile device designed for one carrier's network on another carrier's network, even if that network is technologically compatible. In other words, "unlocking" a device will not necessarily make a mobile device interoperable with other networks - a mobile device designed for one network is not made technologically compatible with another network merely by "unlocking" it. Additionally, unlocking a mobile device may enable some functionality of the device but not all (e.g., an unlocked device may support voice services but not data services when activated on a different network).